My 3QD essays

I write a monthly column for the blog 3 Quarks Daily. Here is a list of my essays:

Boundaries and Subtleties: the Mysterious Power of Naming in Human Cognition

From Cell Membranes to Computational Aesthetics: On the Importance of Boundaries in Life and Art

The Chemical Self and the Social Self

Science: the Quest for Symmetry

The Mind Matters

Randomness: the Ghost in the Machine?

Almost Perfect: Cosmic Music and Mathematical Ratio

Is Neuroscience Really Ruining the Humanities?

Information: the Measure of all Things? A Four Part Series:

The Varieties of Probabilistic Experience

Be Careful What You Wish For: Some Wild Speculations About Goodhart’s Law

Me and My Brain: What the Double-Subject Fallacy Reveals About Contemporary Conceptions of the Self

What do we mean by “nature”? And what do we mean by “human nature?”

Some free-form musings on the Star Wars phenomenon

I know that feel bro: What Aziz Ansari and Celine Dion taught me about ‘relating’

The “Streetlight Effect”: a Metaphor for Knowledge and Ignorance

Persons All the Way Down: On viewing the scientific conception of the Self from the inside out

Decision-making: the Fine Art of Throwing Away Information

On Pokémon Go and Psychogeography (And Philip K. Dick)

Installing the Idol: On the Real Power of Imaginary Notions

Will next year feature a Summer of Love or a Summer of Hate?

Why some neuroscientists call consciousness “the c-word”

Ways of Knowing

Putting the “cog” in “cognitive”: On the “mind as machine” metaphor

Why human memory is not a bit like a computer’s